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Digi-sats, Wisp and DSP2232.

Well the reflector was down for a couple of days so I will send this again.
If you get it twice, I apologise.

	Hello Ron, Richard, Jeff, thanks for your help and especially Ron (W0SL)
Dave Lamont, if I hadn't been able to solve the problem of multiple ports I
would have 
tried UNI-TRAC.  (Mal take notes eh! Hi Hi).

	Well fella's I have it working, I have the directories of a few of the
on the computer now, UO-22 seems really good, it has a lot of activity, I
have sent out
a few test messages and one to Roy, I haven't seen my msgs up there yet but
anytime soon.

	A few questions (of course) Hi Hi.
	1. I find the time on LO-19 to be about 5 mins out, what is a good sat for

	2.What book is available to explain what is going on in the various
screens, and
	how to use the digi sats.

	3. It seems the holes in the dir of UO-22 are getting to be more, rather
than less,
	is this normal??

Any tips on operating would be appreciated.

	To solve the problem of enough ports (Pentium) I put win95 on my DX4-100,
is on LPT2, TNC on COM2 Radio (FT736) on COM4.  I took the normal DATA
IN/OUT for 1200
baud for DSP2232 port 1 and the 9600 IN/OUT (G3RUH mod) to DSP 2232 port 2
and WISP does
the switching.

Thanks es 73 Peter VE7AHX / BAK.

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