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May have room at Dayton Homewood Suites for a 'roomie'...

Fellow AMSATers,

Sorry, but I'm not at a location where I can
monitor the maillist, so *please* respond to
my email address for this (or if you are
*really* anxious, pick up the phone
and dial the 'VOX' number below, and talk
to me or leave a voice mail message.

Now, here's the deal.  I will know by
tomorrow if I have a room in the AMSAT
block for Dayton at the Homewood Suites.
If so, I would like to find a 'roomie',
as I will be there by myself and would
like to share the $99/night cost of
the room.  I will be there only Friday
and Saturday nights, so if you want
to be there on Thursday night, we
will need to tell Martha, and you will
need to pay full price for Thursday.

The room is a 'suite', meaning that
there is a bed in a separate bedroom,
and a comfy queen-size foldout couch
in the living area (I suppose we could
go 60/40, depending on who takes the
couch 8-).

Any takers?

Remember, I cannot get to the AMSAT
list from here (and I can't find
an archive of the list on the AMSAT
web site -- is there such a thing?),
so please respond to my email.

I apologize for the one-way 'broadcast'
of this message.  Thanks for your

Cheers and 73,

-- Dave, WB4SBE/8

Dave New, NewD@elcsci.com    | Machine vision?
ESI Vision Products Division |      At least *they* can see the future...
3980 Ranchero Drive          | 
Ann Arbor, MI  48108         |        Opinions expressed are mine.    | PGP
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