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AO-10 is A1

AO-10 in A1 Condition

ZS2BWB, VU2MKP and VR2XMT  were all worked in the past week
on AO-10 with just 50W to a 2 element Quad. 

Stuck at 97 countries this trio enabled Amsat UK Midlands net regular 
Robert G8ATE to reach the magic 100.  My thanks to Brian Webb KD6NRP
who supplied the design for the antenna which I circulated to net members. 
Originaly designed for AO-27 reception this tiny antenna can be easily
in an hour or so for minimum cost.

The antenna, constructed from stiff wire on a wooden boom  was mounted
in the roof space at Roberts QTH and fed with about  12 feet of low loss
Nothing fancy just good quality  co-ax.

Reflector Length                          2.358 ft  (718.7mm)
Driven Element Length              2.301 ft  (701.3mm)
Reflector to Driven Element Spacing   0.501ft  (152.7mm)   

Element Diameter not critical   1/8 inch  (3.2mm)  wire or similar.

The version Robert made was NOT adjusted for SWR. 
Built  to the element spacing given by  KD6NRP it tested at 1.5:1 
and put "on the air" as built.

73 John G7HIA  Net Controller  Amsat UK Midland VHF Net
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