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RF Globalnet Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 11

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Peter Ellis VK1KEP
Capital city of Australia

---------------------- Forwarded by Peter ELLIS/MATERIEL/NAVY/AU on
07/05/99 09:22 ---------------------------

RF Globalnet Newsletter
Volume 1   Issue 11
Wednesday, May 05, 1999


2) HNS Unveils Mobile Satellite Radio Interface Standard
Hughes Network Systems (HNS) has prepared a mobile satellite radio
interface standard for mobile satellite telephony using geosynchronous
earth orbit (GEO) satellites.


******** EDITOR'S CHOICE PRODUCTS ********

1) GaAs MMIC Chip
2) Variable Gain Amplifier
3) RF Transmission Line Protector


1) GaAs MMIC Chip
The HMMC-5034 is a GaAs microwave monolithic integrated-circuit (MMIC) chip
targeted for millimeter-wave point-to-point and point-to-multipoint
wireless communications systems, including cellular infrastructure,
broadband wireless access and European multipoint video distribution
systems (MVDS)--Hewlett-Packard (HP), Santa Clara, CA.


2) Variable Gain Amplifier
A high-performance digitally controlled, variable gain amplifier (DVGA)
offers use in a range of wireless communication products, including PCS
base stations, paging base stations and mobile radios--National
Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA.


3) RF Transmission Line Protector
A family of RF transmission line surge protection devices for high power
applications shunts frequencies outside of its tuned band to ground and
passes DC voltages--Huber + Suhner, Essex Junction, VT.


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