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Dayton GPS maps!


I just got a copy of the final Dayton AREA map  published in the
Hamvention Brochure.  The good news is that they put the lat/long grid on
it as I asked.  The bad news is that they left off the Longitude labels.
They should be left-to-right, 8420, 8415 and 8410. And the right side
I-675 should have a vertical line labeled 8400.  Please scribble this down
for when you get your brochure.

   The advantage of this map is that it will make it easy for visitors
to estimate their LAT/LONG so they can compare positions when trying to
find friends, other visitors or eyeballs.   ALso, it allows entering your
APRS Position approximatelly into your Kenwood HT without the bother of
hooking up a GPS, or while indoors at your favorite food place.

The map is not 100% geographically correct, but it should allow you to
estimate your position to about 1/2 mile or so.  Close enough to get
within simplex range...

The Large Parking lot and Arena map is accurate down to a few feet or so
(we hope) and a DGPS transmitter will be on the air from the
parking lot allowing you to use GPS to navigate in the flea market.

As always, APRS will be alive and well tracking hundreds of us on 144.39.
We will also have a modest "indoor tracking system" demo operating on
145.79 inside the arena.

de WB4APR, Bob

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