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Antena Tracking Box

From: Dave Cawley
Cambridge  England
Tel.  +44 1440 820040
Fax. +44 1440 820281

Dear All

We have made for some time a computer controlled antenna tracking system for
the Yeasu 5400, 5600, 5500 and the Emotator rotators.  It features total
Windows 95-98-NT4 and Y2K compliance.

It is designed to track a 3 foot dish at 1.7Ghz receiving at a data rate of
665kbs (yes equivalent to over 0.5Mhz), and to track from horizon to horizon
without loosing any data at all !

The software will automatically flip the antenna if the south stop is going
to be a problem.  And it can be set to automatically track any number of
satellites in your absence.

After approximate mechanical alignment, all fine tuning of the system is
done from "nudge" buttons indoors using the software.  Once adjusted the
settings are saved.

A opto isolated GPS input is provided to give accurate time if required.

This is a commercial product with full ongoing backup.

Details can be found at :-

http://www.time-step.com  under NOAA / SeaWiFS HRPT Systems

The product is called AutoTrack II

BUT for AMSAT satellite users, we have no rig control.  The software runs in
windows and can pass details of satellite positions  to another program,
such as a rig control.  So we need to work with one or two established
software developers to get this aspect right.  In fact, we want them to do
all the work !

We are exhibiting at Dayton on our own stand, Timestep booth 655, and I
would be pleased to communicate a little by e-mail now and to meet in person
at Dayton.



G4IUG  Ex G8EAO  Ex G6ANG/T   31 years and still going strong !

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