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Re: AMSAT at Dayton Hamvention

Hi Barry - Please put me on the list to man the booth - but not during the amsat
forum (sat am).
73 de Robin ve3frh

"Barry A. Baines" wrote:

> he Dayton Hamvention is quickly approaching (May 14-16) and we're looking
> for volunteers to help man the AMSAT booth at the Hamvention. Dayton is a
> three day 'marathon' with an immense amount of activity at the booth. We
> need folks to volunteer for a 'tour of duty' during a portion of the
> Hamvention.
> We'll be in the same booth location as previous years: Booth spaces 445-448.
> Volunteers will help handle the myriad of activities that typically occur at
> an AMSAT booth-handle transactions, deal with memberships and renewals,
> answer questions, and serve as a representative of AMSAT. Prior experience
> in representing AMSAT at (any) hamfests is helpful but not required.
> We expect to have a very busy booth this year with a variety of updated and
> new items:
> 1. Steve Thompson, W5PK, has created glossy cardstock Phase 3-D model kits,
> which will be available at Dayton.  We'll have two assembled models on
> display.  Donations go to the AMSAT Phase 3-D Fund.
> 2. An updated laminated AMSAT Frequency Guide with the latest satellite
> information will be offered
> 3. Keith Baker, KB1SF, has updated the "How to Use the Amateur Radio
> Satellites."
> 4. An updated "Amateur Satellite Resource Guide" (thanks to N1JEZ) will be
> available at the Beginner's Forum (0815 Saturday)
> 5. An updated "Working the Easy Sats" (thanks to N1JEZ) will also be
> available at Dayton.
> 6. The latest in AMSAT 'fashion' featuring a golf shirt with embroidered
> 30th Anniversary design
> 7. Special AMSAT 30th Anniversary patches and T-shirts
> 8. Once again, AMSAT will offer the 'Arrow Antenna" at the booth this year.
> Please note that AMSAT will be handling this antenna at Hamvention ONLY and
> it will not be available from AMSAT following Hamvention. This is the
> antenna that many individuals are using to work through AO-27 utilizing
> their dual-band HT's. We will have the newly designed 'split boom' version
> (longest boom piece is only 22") with 10-watt duplexer.
> 9. Latest version of WISP on diskette
> 10.  AMSAT will be the only distributor of NOVA at Hamvention this year as
> Northern Lights Software will not be present.  Software is on CD-ROM.
> 11.  For the Mac enthusiasts, we will have a demonstration of MacDoppler
> functioning on a I-MAC computer.  The demo will include control of  an az/el
> rotor in the booth during simulated passes.  Don Agro, author of MacDoppler
> will be available to answer questions.
> 12. For the PC user, the Kansas City Tracker will also be available.
> 13. All of the AMSAT publications will be available
> Please let me know if you can give us a hand during the Hamvention. Send me
> an e-mail and let me know:
> 1. What hours are your willing to volunteer (Please volunteer for one hour
> periods or multiples thereof) during each day that the commercial exhibits
> are open. The commercial exhibits are open Friday 1000-1800, Saturday
> 0800-1700, and Sunday 0800-1300. If you can help at various times during the
> Hamvention, please provide a prioritization as to which specified periods
> are best for you.
> 2. Include your name, callsign, and e-mail address in your message.
> 3. Indicate any special skills that would be helpful, such as familiarity
> with specific products available through AMSAT, particularly software such
> as WISP and NOVA. While we are looking for volunteers to help with the
> 'crush' of normal exhibitor activities, it would be helpful to know who can
> assist in software demonstrations or answer particular questions about
> various aspects of our hobby during a particular shift.
> 4. If you have already sent me an e-mail offering to volunteer, please
> respond by e-mail to this request by specifying the times that you are
> available to work.
> I intend to provide a tentative work schedule no later than May 10 to those
> who have indicated a willingness to help. Please stop by the AMSAT booth
> when you arrive at the Hamvention to confirm your schedule or to change your
> work assignment if necessary.
> Other Dayton items to keep in mind:
> 1. Don't forget the AMSAT dinner on Friday evening, 14 MAY, at the Amber
> Rose Restaurant in old North Dayton, which is the same place as last year.
> Cost including tax and tip is $20.00. Seating is limited, so please register
> with Gerd Schrick, WB8IFM.   His e-Mail address is wb8ifm@amsat.org.  We
> also ask that you RECONFIRM you dinner reservation at the AMSAT booth no
> later than 3:00pm on Friday afternoon. This process will ensure that AMSAT
> can provide an accurate 'head count' to the restaurant.
> Directions to the restaurant will be available at the AMSAT booth.  For
> GPS/APRS users, the restaurant's location in degrees/decimal minutes is:
> N 39 46.915
> W 084 9.557
> Maidenhead Grid Square EM79ws
> 2.  A reminder that the commercial exhibit area opens at 1000 on Friday
> versus 1200 in previous years.  As noted earlier, Commercial Exhibit hours
> are 1000-1800 Friday, 0800-1700 Saturday, and 0800-1300 on Sunday.
> 3. AMSAT's block of rooms at the Homewood Suites, Fairborn has already been
> assigned.    You can contact the hotel directly to see if there are rooms
> left. Their number is 937-429-0600. Alternatively, you can try the Fairfield
> Inn (next door to Homewood Suites) 937-427-0800.
> 4. AMSAT will be involved with the following scheduled presentations on
> Saturday morning:
> Saturday, May 15, 1999:
> 0815-1030
> AMSAT.........(Room 3)
> Moderator: Robin Haighton, VE3FRH Executive Vice President, AMSAT-North
> America
> "Welcome"
> Keith Baker, KB1SF, President, AMSAT-NA
> "Getting Started on the Amateur Radio Satellites"
> Barry Baines, WD4ASW, AMSAT-NA Vice President, Field Operations
> "PHASE 3-D--Spacecraft Status and Launch Prospects "
> Dr. Karl Meinzer, DJ4ZC, President, AMSAT-Germany and P3-D Project
> Leader
> Keith Baker, KB1SF, President, AMSAT-North America
> Lou McFadin, W5DID, Phase 3-D Integration Laboratory Manager
> "SAREX and the International Space Station: Mission Reports and Plans"
> Roy Neal, K6DUE, Chairman, SAREX Working Group
> Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, AMSAT-NA Vice President, Human Spaceflight
> Programs
> Matt Bordelon, KC5BTL, SAREX/ISS Principal Investigator
> Rosalie White, WA1STO, Director, ARRL Educational Activities
> Department.
> Please note that the AMSAT Forum is in the main Exhibit Area and ***not***
> offsite.  The 2:15 forum promises to cover a number of areas of interest to
> the amateur community.
> Dayton is a unique opportunity to represent AMSAT to an extremely large
> number of people. If at all possible, please consider giving us a hand
> during this event.
> Barry A. Baines
> VP-Field Ops
> e-mail: wd4asw@amsat.org
> phone: 904-398-5185 (home)
> 904-399-3225 (home-fax)
> 904-359-1933 (work)
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