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Disapointment with WISP.

	Well I must say I've had a full week at trying to get wisp up and running,
friday I finally got the coupling to the FODTRAK interface, using DDE, that
worked great but wisp [MSPE]  would not activate my DSP 2232 TNC,
(it said it did "full duplex"), if I used my laptop to get it into the
correct modem I could get some activity, only data that came down was with
AO-16 and LO-19, on the laptop I could see the headers and data of the 9600
sats going by but when transferred to wisp MSPE, nothing.

	I cleaned out the dir and got a fresh copy from AMSAT-NA and unzipped and
tried again, now it's even worse, with the new copy I got all of my old
setup sats, where did they come from? now it doesn't couple with DDE and
the satellite times are 23 mins ahead of my other three tracking programs,
the computer time is accurate to a couple of seconds, the exact same copy
of the kep file is used in all of the programs, I checked and rechecked the
setups and the settings, it all looks the OK to me.

	Are there any other programs out there? I tried to set the Win 3.11
program for wisp on my DX4-100, it didn't do anything with the TNC either,
I am soooo frustrated, I must be missing something because a lot of the
digital hams are using wisp, or at least I think they are.

	Well I'm going to clean the files out again and try once more but ??

Back to analog and PSK31

73 Peter VE7AHX
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