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Query, please.

Good evening,

	I have a question for the more knowledgeable of the list.
I have a friend at work, a very intelligent and savvy tech, and
a ham.  In talking last week, he brought up some questions that
I could not answer.

	He said that he could not see what the problem with the
SWATCH satellite was.  Why was everyone getting so upset about
one satellite.

	I tried to explain that it was an unlicensed commercial
venture, and didn't belong in the ham bands.

	His answer was "It didn't seem to bother hams in the past"
How so I asked.  He used Uosat-11 as his example.  As he says, it
was built by SSTL, a commercial company.  It collects data that is
"available" to hams, but not directed primarily at hams.  It has
no uplink for hams to talk to it, but its downlink is in the ham
bands.  He also assured me that it was not the only one, just his

	I was stuck.  While I thought it over, I realized that he
was to some extent right.  Anybody care to try to answer this

	In looking at the listing of satellites, I see that his
info is correct.  What goes on with this???  Could it be true?

	Usually, when this guy speaks, he is correct!  There must
be more to these SATs than meets the eye.  Help!!!

Vy73,  Mike.   KD9KC    MARS: AAV6EV
kd9kc@elp.rr.com  -  kd9kc@amsat.org
Home page: http://www.qsl.net/kd9kc/
The farthest WEST ham in West Texas.
El Paso, where we have two seasons;
Summer, and Christmas.

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