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Help Digital Sats.

	Hi, me again with more questions.

	Equipment:- FT 736 R, DSP 2232 TNC, Fodtrak interface, Pentium 166 and a
			STATION and Wisp software, DDE software.

Ran Wisp with DDE but no frequency control(Pentium has one free comport,
use it for TNC)
got control over the antenna's OK thru DDE, manually tuned the RX (forgot
the TX)
Tuning to AO-16 and LO-19 wisp downloaded info and started a dir.
TO-31 laptop showed lots of data and info on the screen, transferred to
wisp - Nothing -
back to laptop, plenty, PBLIST showed K8TL, AD4EB, KE7NS, later showed PB
empty.  While I'm
connected to Wisp I can see the window (DSP 2232) showing changes, so it
was working, but nothing
on the MSPE, also the same with UO-22 and KO-25, lots of info decoded by
Lan-link on the laptop.

	Obviously I've missed something in the setup, question, does Wisp setup
the TNC2232 OK??
I set the modem number with the laptop, then change the connection to
Pentium (wisp).

	Today I activated my DX4-100 and put STATION into action doing the
frequency changes,
that appears to work so far but U0-22 had info (laptop) but not to MSPE.

	I need some pointers in the right direction Fellas, ain't this fun ??
	Thanks Richard (G3RWL) for the freq change tip

Thanks es 73 Peter VE7AHX.

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