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Digital Satellites.

	Hello, had a good week here with trying the DSP2232 on the Digital
satellites, decoded signals from AO-16, UO-22, KO-25, LO-19, so now that I
have had the exploring fun I need to be able to use the sats to get and
pass messages.

	Have some problems, only got one spare port on the pentium and one printer
port, com2 works with STATION  and FODTRACK (LPT2) to control the antennas
and the frequency of the 736, how do I get Wisp to control the antennas
when it will only let me use a com port? is it possible to get Wisp to talk
to STATION? then the job will be done, I notice the DSP 2232 has a SAT
UP/DWN port, does it control the freq of the radios? 

	I guess my question is, with the following equipment:-
		FT 736R with the G3RUH CAT control
		DSP 2232 (No Manual, Jack I am still waiting)
		STATION program (Com2)
		FODTRAK interface (LPT2)
		Wisp (Unregistered till I get it working)
	what is my best moves to get the system functional, I don't need to go
automatic, I shall be in attendance, simple is best.

Thanks es 73 Peter VE7AHX.
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