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>With the upcoming Dayton Hamvention, perhaps someone could post a >list of "Satellite Equipment to Look for". I'm sure there are a lot >of would be operators out there that would like to become active on >the birds but do not know just what to look for or just what will >work with what.

>Equipment for the analog birds is pretty straight forward but I'd >bet a list of digital bird equipment would be appreciated by all. >Since I'm not very involved in the digital birds (I get enough >digital communications at work)I don't feel qualified to list or >recommend equipment for this aspect of the hobby. Anyone out there >who would care to comment? It might spur some new activity.

>Denny  WB8K
Denny & Group,

	I致e been kicking a similar idea around for a while.  What I would like to do is start a web site describing the used gear out there with pictures and a short list of features/specifications for each radio.  Making a special note of the features important to satellite operators (tuning step size, can tune while transmitting, whether or not the radio has LSB, etc.).  If you池e an ARRL member the QST product reviews are available on line going back to 1980, but with a budget like mine the satell
ite rigs I have used have all been older than that!

Since my current QTH keeps me off the air (no antennas allowed).  I should be able to find the time to do this.  If the list would be willing to supply me with information about radios I would be willing to write the html and create the web site.  I also have a scanner and can scan photos (I would be willing to return them) or I could accept attached jpegs, etc.

Go ahead and start compiling info and I will set up the web space.  If you want to send the info feel free to email ka0yos@amsat.org and I will put it to use.  I already have files and pictures for the Kenwood TR-9500 and the Yaesu FT-480.

Thanks and 73,

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