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For Sale: 10 GHz. Amps and Misc. Parts

Hi All:

My apologies if you receive multiple copies of this message.

I was searching for a couple of surplus 10 GHz. transmitters and ended up buying
a complete CATV headend's microwave distribution transmitter system.

For Sale:  (prices do not include shipping)

1.  10 GHz. Solid State PA.  2 to 3 Watts **(see note below) out with 3 to 5 mw
drive at 10,368 MHz.  These amps have been re-tuned to the 10 GHz. Ham band and
operate from 12VDC.  They are compact and can easily be installed at the dish on
your tower by adding a weather proof housing.   Size: 7" x 7" x 3.5".   SMA
input and WR-75 output.  Jpg photo available.

 These amps were removed from Hughes AML CATV Transmitters that operated at
12.7 - 13.3 GHz.  The amp ratings, per the maintenance manual are:  GaAs FET
with 37 dB gain & 5 W saturated output @ 12 VDC @ 5.5 A.

 Price:  $250  Fully retuned and ready to go at 10,368 MHz.  $280 with a Lambda
8.5 Amp 12 VDC power supply as listed below, with connectors and output cable
for PA.

** Note: I have retuned 4 amps so far with all 4 having 2.5 to 3 watts output at
10,368.  I am measuring power with an HP 435B with an HP 8481H sensor.  I have
also confirmed these readings with an HP 432A with HP 478 sensor.  I will
guarantee a minimum of 2 Watts output at 10,368.

2.  Low noise, 2-stage, GaAs FET driver amplifier.  1 mw in with 10 to 13 mw out
at 10,368.  Saturated output is 20 - 40  mw at 10,368 MHz.  They operate from 12
VDC.  These have WR-75 input & output flanges.  These are rated at 14 dB gain
with a < 4 dB NF @ 12.7 - 13.3 GHz.  The gain is  reduced to approx 10 - 12 dB
at 10,368 MHz.
This driver is ideal to follow the mixer in a transverter with the above PA.

 Price:  $60 with above PA, $75 each without PA, or 2 for $130

3.  High power package:

 2 PA’s, tuned to 10,368, 2 magic tee’s with loads, 1 variable phase adjuster,
and 1 driver amp:
 With driver amp:  $550
 With out driver amp:  $500

4.  Non-linear driver amp.  Looks like the LNA's and is actually labeled as an
LNA, but the P/N is different.  These were  used as part of a “Distortion
Amplifier” circuit to “pre-distort” the input signal to the PA to provide for an
extremely linear PA output when the PA was driven to saturation.  May be (??)
used as class “c” amp.
 Price:  $20

5.  Magic Tee's.  These are 4-port waveguide sections with 1 port terminated
with a WR-75 50 Ohm load.  Isolation is 25  dB between side arms and E & H
ports.  Can be used as a 2-way, 3 dB power divider, or as a power combiner.
Includes the 50 load.  A pair can be used to combine the outputs of 2 of the
 Without load:  $20      With load:  $25

6.  Lambda switching supply, 12 VDC @ 8.5 A @@ 50 degrees C, continuous duty.
Output is adjustable to more than 13.8  VDC, however, increasing the voltage to
the PA above 12 VDC, provides only a negligible increase in output power.  This
is a very small and light weight power supply, yet is  rated at 8.5 A continuous
 Price:  $50 purchased with out PA.  $30 if purchased with PA.

7.  3-port circulators.  Silver plated, insertion loss < .2 dB, isolation = 25
dB min. @ 12.5 GHz.   Works at 10,368 with less than 1 dB insertion loss.  Can
be tuned with magnets.

8.  Isolators - Same as above circulator, but with 1 port terminated with a
WR-75, 50 Ohm load. $20

9.  Switching supply - 20 VDC @ .7 A @ 50 degrees C (PLL (brick) source
oscillator power supply) $20

10.  Variable 0 - 180 Phase Shift adjuster - WR-75 in/out  $20

11.  0 - 25 dB variable attenuator WR-75 in/out   $20

12.  Diode detector - SMA in/out  $20

13.  40 dB WR-75 RF Sampler with SMA port (adjustable, non-directional RF
sampler) $10

14.  25 dB WR-75 RF Sampler with SMA port (adjustable, non-directional RF
sampler) $10

15.  WR-75 Directional Coupler with -20 dB port:  $20

16.  WR-75  50 Ohm Loads: $15

17.  7" Flex WR-75 $15

18. 16" RG-141 with SMA males on each end $4

19.  WR-75, 90 degree H-plane elbows  $5

20.  WR-75 Directional Coupler with -20 dB port, silver:  $20

21.  WR-75  50 Ohm Loads: $15

22.  WR-75 -  5 1/2 ", flanges both ends: $5

23.  WR-75 - 8 1/2 ", flanges both ends: $6

24. WR-75 - 17", flanges both ends:  $10

25. WR-75 - 30", flanges both ends:  $15

26. WR-75 - 20 1/2", E plane 90 on both ends, with 2 1/2" long 90:  $15

27. WR-75 - 24", straight flange on 1 end, E plane 90 on other end:   $15

28. WR-75 - 34", straight flange on 1 end, H plane 90 on other end:  $20

29: 19” Rack cabinet. Attractive black finish, drop-down front panel with
perforated top cover.  Front panel includes a 20 uA panel meter,  3 1/8" x 3
5/8", scale reads 0 - 50 VDC. as well a power switch and meter range selection
switch.  Rear panel includes a BNC female bulkhead connector, and an “F” female
bulkhead connector, and an IEC 320 AC input connector.  Nice case for an
amplifier or transverter.  Jpg photos available.
  Price $20

30.  Frequency West Phase Locked Source Oscillator, M/N MS 800XEL-04. These
units do not have an internal reference oscillator, the transmitters all
operated from a common 74 MHz. master source oscillator.  The output is 12,646.5

These units are very clean and so far, all have had 1990 date codes.

With the SRD multiplier removed and the Phase lock terminal grounded to disable
the PLL "search" sweep oscillator these are very useful as test oscillators.
The cavity tunes from approximately 1028 to 1460 MHz. with 175 mw out at 1296

I also have several Hughes AML STX-141 Transmitters, similar to above, except
Klystron PA.  The Klystron power supplies are included.  The LO Source
Oscillators look just like the Freq. West units, but are made by MicroMega or
other company. These units do not have the LNA driver amps.  These do have 2 of
the same type of 4-cavity filters as the solid state unit. The 2nd. filter can
be cut down to stack on top of the other filter to lower it's freq.  These units
also have a WR-75 20 dB directional coupler.
Price, with power supply:  $100, + shipping.



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