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PSK31 on AO-10 experience

In addition to what Peter, KD7MW, already wrote in "PSK31 QSO on AO-10
I'd like to add or underline the following:

- It is of great importance to tune right (within 2 Hz) which is with
many elder radios for
example only possible with combined tuning at the radio (e.g. FT-736R 20
Hz steps)
and with tuning the software-carrier-frequency. Both methods are not
handy so far.
What is needed is a fast AFC loop and automated radio-control by the

- If locked to the right frequency reception is good. With PC and
soundblaster I would
compare it to CW in a narrow filter of 200 Hz. You must at least here a
bit of the PSK31
signal to tune in.

- As our contact showed on AO-10, QRP is a little less for good
contacts. I ran only
300-350 Weirpc while Peter, KD7MW ran about 1000 W. I could copy almost
50 %
of him right while he read only parts of my transmission.

- Two days before at apogee I could copy my own fullduplex sigs from a
second PC
better (60 %). I assume lower Doppler-shift at apogee was the reason.

- While PSK31 might be difficult on AO-10 with it's instable transponder
it could be
great on Phase 3-D. For LEOs with their high Doppler-shift modifications
to the mode
are necessary.

More test at different MAs and elevation angles will come.

For all of you interested in own experiments try this URL to download

73, Frank

-- Frank, DL6DBN, Siegen, Germany --
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