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Thanks for all of the comeback on the grounding issue. I guess I tend to
look at automobile electrical systems as not having changed very much over
the years, even though I don't work on my own vehicle anymore because of
the computer. In the old days the statement that ground is ground held
true. Now days, with the advent of computers and sensors and who knows what
else on vehicles, it's just not true anymore. Oh well, live and learn. What
threw me and I still quite don't understand, is the statement of not
grounding in the passenger compartment, implying that it is OK to ground
anywhere else. Someone suggested that this is a statement of legality due
to liability. Perhaps this is true. I don't know. But why should we totally
understand what they are talking about? It makes about a much sense as some
of the automotive wiring diagrams I have seen. HIHI

Thanks again!

73 de
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