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UoSAT-12 update

Over the weekend, the  SSTL operations team at the Surrey Space Mission
Control Centre ground station continued to implement the UoSAT-12 Attitude
Acquisition procedure.  On-board software has stopped the tumbling of the
satellite after release from the SS18 launcher, and successfully placed it
in a stable intermediate attitude known as the "Y-Thompson" state using the
on-board magnetorquers. With the satellite in Y-Thompson, the momentum wheel
was tested and confirm as operational; the wheel was spun both forward and
backward, and we observed the effect of this on the satellite's motion.
SSTL spacecraft operators are now preparing software for the final step in
the Attitude Acquisition procedure which will bring the satellite to rest
nadir-pointing in a 3-axis control configuration - with its cameras pointing
at the Earth. We expect to begin this manoeuvre today (Monday).

When the satellite is Earth pointing, we will check out the Earth Imaging
System.  Telemetry indicates that the spacecraft is in excellent shape and
all other spacecraft systems are operating entirely as expected.

Chris G7UPN / ZL2TPO
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