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RE: Birdview Stuff

Re: Big Dish stuff and its use

If the box has a connector on the back marked 70 MHz then it is probably old
enough to work fine with 1255 MHz ATV.  Here in Houston these old C-band
receivers are the normal way to receive 23 cm ATV.  They are FM based rather
than AM like regular TV so they are just what you need.

They are pretty "deaf" though (-20 dBm or so).  The normal setup is a
homebrew "cheap yagi" designed by Kent Britan and discussed in CQ-VHF this
year (see the HATS website at http://www.stevens.com/HATS).  Then add a LNA
to get the extra gain and that's it.  Others have used smaller dishes (3-6
ft) with a Coffee can feed (Cantenna) and LNA.  When rigged that way they
work great for Balloon launched ATV (and are directional enough to allow you
to track the balloon's position).

If you don't want it for ATV, the tuner module reportedly works great with
the "poor mans spectrum analyzer" to give you 900-1100 MHz coverage.

As for the dish itself, I am making a GEOS WESAT receiver a Cantenna with an
LNA and a modified MMDS downconverter out of one I was given.

Let me know if I can be of any help.


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