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Re: CQ PSK31 on Oscar 10


> >Since PSK31 is a continuous carrier mode it is not compatible with the usual
> >transponder satellite system is it. . . ????????
> 1.  Is PSK31 appropriate for use on OSCAR satellites?  I am going to defer
> to AMSAT officials on this one.

As an amsat official I pronounce that I have no problems with folks using
PSK31 on satellites. Yes, it *is* a constant carrier but, as others have
said, so is RTTY. My approval is in line with my approval of RTTY, that is:
if there were going to be lots of stations using it there might be a 
problem but since the likely usage isn't going to result in major occupancy
of the transponders (unlike FM) then go ahead - the name of our game is 
efficient communications and experimentation after all.

> As far as transponder fairness goes, I would be much more concerned about
> CW and SSB signals that are several S-units louder than the satellite
> beacon.


Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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