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Re: CQ PSK31 on Oscar 10

> But Harvey, K5HV has brought up two questions that should be answered:
> 1.  Is PSK31 appropriate for use on OSCAR satellites?  I am going to defer
> to AMSAT officials on this one.  My guess is that it is OK.  Correct me if
> I'm wrong, but isn't even RTTY considered legitimate on the high-orbit

No, RTTY is part of the "unwanted modes" at least on all Phase 3 satellites,
like OSCAR-10 (and the past OSCAR-13). While "FM" is totally forbidden,
we mostly tolerated experiments as long as no extensive power was used.
Efficiency of RTTY is very badly compared to most other modes and for a
good performance users often tend to use a lot of power.

PSK is indeed substantially more efficient and I don't see any problems unless
users keep the uplink power within the known limits, i.e. not stronger
than the general beacon.

> As far as transponder fairness goes, I would be much more concerned about
> CW and SSB signals that are several S-units louder than the satellite
> beacon.  These are quite common.

Indeed, the same limits regarding uplink power apply here too..

73s, Peter DB2OS

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