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Earlier I sent out a message asking if anyone had problems getting UOSAT-12
keps installed in WiSP.  I and two others have had this problem.  Chris has
informed me that there is a 50 satellite limit to the Satellite database in

Over the years as new MET and NOAA satellites have been added to the
database from the AMSAT keps, I reached 51 when I tried to add UOSAT-12.  I
had not been deleting the old ones.  The Update Satellite Database routine
will tell you that #51 has been added, but it has not been.  The problem
cured itself when I deleted the WISP.KEP and WISP Schedule.DAT files and
recreated the database with a recent keps file.  This got rid of the old
satellites and left room for UOSAT-12.  You must then close GSC and restart
it in order for the schedule to be regenerated.  Redo Schedule will not do
it when you are recreating WISP Schedule.DAT.  WISP.KEP is also recreated

73, Roy

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