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UoSAT-12 Status

SSTL satellite operators at the Surrey Space Centre ground station in
Guildford, Surrey, UK report that their UoSAT-12 minisatellite has
successfully passed the Initial Signal Acquisition phase. During this phase,
the satellite's downlink was activated, on-board systems enabled and
telemetry data received from all essential bus subsystems. 

Telemetry data received at Guildford and collected by co-operating AMSAT
ground stations around the world indicates that all systems are operating as
expected; received signals from the satellite are strong and the telecommand
uplink is reliable.  Thanks to DB2OS and VK5AGR for forwarding telemetry
during this important phase of the mission.

Operators have also uploaded flight software to the satellite's primary
on-board computer. This multi-tasking software will collect telemetry
throughout the satellite's orbit and support the Attitude Acquisition Phase
of the mission. 

During Attitude Acquisition, on-board software will gradually bring the
satellite to an Earth-pointing state. Simultaneously, operators will perform
further satellite tests. Payload tests will start when the satellite is

All indications from Surrey are that the ISC Kosmotras Dnepr launch was
highly successful, delivering the satellite safely and accurately to orbit.

The OBC is now running with the callsign UO120-11.  The BBS is closed for
general use at this stage although the downlink is on permanently on so
stations can receive the downlink.

Keplerian elements for UoSAT-12 have object number 25694.  This is called
SNAP-1 by NORAD but is actually UoSAT-12.  Actually, SNAP-1 is a nano-sat
that was to be launched with UoSAT-12 but was not launched.  The object
being tracked by NORAD is actually the shroud from the launcher.


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