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UoSAT-12 launch

UoSAT-12 launch is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 0500UTC from Baikonur.
I expect to switch the satellite on during a pass over Surrey at about
1200UTC, although we need to get up to date keps from the launch agency
before we can confirm the time.

Once I have keps and updated information on the launch and the switch-on
time I'll post them here.

During the first pass or two over Surrey, and most of the first days
operations over the rest of the world, the satellite will be transmitting
VLSI telemetry at 9600bd.  If you are set up for receiving VLSI telemetry
you can download interim the configuration file at

If anyone downloads any VLSI telemetry during the first passes please
forward it to me.

More information tomorrow...


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