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RE: QSL Question

Hi all,

At 03:27 PM 4/19/99 -0500, Kevin Muenzler WB5RUE wrote:
>Mobile is in a car, airplane, boat, motor-home -- moving.

When I say I am mobile I am moving down the road.

>Portable is a non-permanent setup than can be packed up and moved easily.

If I am stopped and have an antenna out the window I report I am portable.

I bet I can remove my mobile radio and mag mount antenna from my car in under
2 minutes. I would say that is non-permanent.

>considered mobile and is not eligible for most awards.

Not for VUCC satellite. For its rules see:


                         Its restrictions are:

b. No crossband contacts are permitted, except for Satellite. 
c. No contacts through active repeaters are permitted, except for Satellite
d. Contacts with aeronautical mobiles (in the air) do NOT count.


Or for WAS satellite. For its rules see:


                         Its restrictions are:

6. Contacts made through "repeater" devices or any other power relay method
	cannot be used for WAS confirmation. A separate WAS is available for
	Satellite contacts. All stations contacted must be "land stations."
	Contact with ships, anchored or otherwise, and aircraft, cannot be


Or for DXCC satellite. For its rules see:


                        Its restrictions are:

6. All contacts must be made with amateur stations working in the authorized
   amateur bands or with other stations licensed or authorized to
   work amateurs. Contacts made through "repeater" devices or any other power
   relay methods (other than satellites for Satellite DXCC) are
   invalid for DXCC credit. 

8. All stations contacted must be "land stations." Contacts with ships and
   boats, anchored or underway, and airborne aircraft, cannot be
   counted. For the purpose of this award, remote control operating points
   must also be land based. Exception: Permanently docked 
   exhibition ships, such as the Queen Mary and other historic ships will be
   considered land based.


Did I miss something in the rules.

What awards are you talking about that do not count mobile?

>I doubt that a
>station that has stopped along the side of the road would be considered

Why not?  What if I have the window down and am holding a 5 element UHF
yagi for receive.

>You might think that I am quibbling but for contests the rules are usually
>quite specific when it comes to mobile and portable operations.

Which ones?

73, Randy N7SFI

Who has operated from over 130 different grid squares.
mostly portable but some mobile.

You can see my current status at:


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