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Re: QSL Question

Hi Kevin!

I looked at the ARRL web site, and found some of the rules applicable to
"mobile" operations, and VUCC.  The only mobiles NOT allowed are
aeronautical mobiles (in the air).

Here is an excerpt from the site:  http://www.arrl.org/awards/vucc/

4. Award Contact Information 

  a.Separate bands are considered as separate awards. 

  b.No crossband contacts are permitted, except for Satellite. 

  c.No contacts through active repeaters are permitted, except for
Satellite Awards. 

  d.Contacts with aeronautical mobiles (in the air) do NOT count. 

  e.Stations who claim to operate from more than one grid locator
simultaneously (such as from the intersection of 4 grid locators) must
be physically present in more than one locator to give multiple locator
credit with a single
contact. This requires the operator to know precisely where the
intersection lines are located and placing the station exactly on the
boundary to meet this test. To achieve this precision work requires
either current markers
permanently in place, or the precision work of a professional surveyor.
Operators of such stations should be
prepared to provide some evidence of meeting this test if called upon to
do so. Multiple QSL cards are not required. 

FWIW, I could find nothing on the AMSAT site which would differentiate
between mobile or portable operation.  I do believe in contemporary
terms, they CAN be one and the same.

To ne fair, I do believe some of the terms of the ARRL rules do need
updating.  For instance, rule 4e makes it sound like "precision
surveying" must be done to certify an op is indeed at a four corners. 
What about use of GPS?  I can determine precisely where I'm at with my
GPS.  In fact I have been at a boundary before and took great delight in
jumping back and forth, watching the maidenhead grid square designator
change back and forth.  Now that I am aware this is possible, I am going
to search out a four corner boundary close to me and work AO27
"portable," from my car.  Of course, with my luck, the boundary will be
in the middle of a swamp, and I'll have to operate from atop the car!

And Kevin, you might be absolutely correct that there is a distinction
as far as CONTESTING is concerned, but the issue here was awards.

73, Mike

Kevin Muenzler WB5RUE wrote:
> In Jeff's original question he stated that Will (N3ZLL) was mobile and NOT
> portable.
> There is a difference between mobile and portable.
> Mobile is in a car, airplane, boat, motor-home -- moving.
> Portable is a non-permanent setup than can be packed up and moved easily.
> For instance a motor-home sitting stationary in a national park is
> considered a portable operation.  A camper with his battery setup is
> considered a portable operation, field-day operations are considered
> portable.
> However, a station in his car or motor-home moving down the road is
> considered mobile and is not eligible for most awards.  I doubt that a
> station that has stopped along the side of the road would be considered
> portable.
> You might think that I am quibbling but for contests the rules are usually
> quite specific when it comes to mobile and portable operations.

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