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Re: fiberglass poles

Hello Rob,

KLM offers a 7', 1.5" OD fiberglass pipe and I have
used it with my Yaesu 5400.

I upgraded to the M2 fiberglass boom, 3 pieces: 2 each 5',
2.0" OD 1/4" wall fiberglass poles with a 18" solid
aluminum 1.5" OD center piece
Assemble the boom and antennas on the ground and plumb up.
Disassemble the 3 boom pieces. 
mount the elevation rotator head at 0 degrees readout
and the az rotator at a known az....
Slip the 18" solid aluminum piece into the elevation rotator.
lift up and insert one boom half and antenna at a time.
Slip the boom for 0 degrees elevation. plumb with a level.

To balance out the 22 el 2M Xpol and the 38 el 70cm Xpol,
I added 2 each of the M2 1296 yagis stacked vertically
and mounted on the 70cm side.

Do not worry about the single s.s. bolt holding either boom
side to the center piece. It is plenty strong and mine
has help up nicely

Consider painting the fiberglass boom pieces to prevent UV
and other degradation. Minimum of 2 coats primer and finish
of a good exterior paint. Do not use a metal laden paint 
because it may interfere in the operation of the Xpol antennas.

Consider using a wrap of the stair tread tracking pads
around the areea where a yagi is clamped to the boom.
These abrasive (grip) traction pads are available from

The KLM booms are a reasonable solution... but be sure
to add a 6" x 1.0 " OD stub of solid fiberglass into
the middle and into either end for support where the
el rotator and mast to boom clamps grip, to prevent
crushing the hollow KLM boom. Epoxy these solid peices in place.
Use the grip pads also....

forget the other options suggested.
Broken pole vaulting items are not repairable.
M2 uses the 2.0" OD EXTRAN type of fiberglass tubing.

Stan, WA1ECF

"Roy, Rob" wrote:
> A few days ago l made an inquiry on the BB regarding 10 foot fiberglass
> poles for my Yaesu rotor... l am
> grateful that several  people responded with the following suggestions which
> may be of use to others:
> 1. high schools may have broken vaulting poles which are solid fiberglass
> 2. M^2 at 7560 N. Del Mar Ave. Fresno, Ca 93711 have five foot sections
> joined together with an 18"
> solid aluminum center rod.....phone 209 432 8873.....fax 432 3059
> 3.  Irrigation automation Phone 503 838 6594
> 4. Max Gain Systems 221 Greencrest Court Marietta, Ga.  30068 ...Phone  770
> 973 6251
> 5. a product called Extren Rod which is approximately $4.50 per foot.....One
> supplier is AIN Plastics
> (located in several cities) one of which is Norfolk,Va. 804 855 0038
> 6. try your local fiberglass dealer...although many do not stock rods they
> can order them for you
> along with their regular orders and save some on shipping costs
> Rob Roy    W4PZA
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