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Re: NASA insignia logo on SWATCH Beatnik Tracking Site


Thanks for your comment.

However, from what I see when looking at that frame's source html,  the NASA
insignia logo "meatball.gif" is called from a file on the SWATCH server, and
the j-track window is called from NASA after passing  parameters to the
nasa.gov site to return "beatnik" on the display window...

ie... per useage rights posted at nasa.gov, the link to J-track looks legit,
with correct credits, etc., but the use of the NASA insignia logo at the top
of the page that displays the j-track looks wrong to me per info about the
insignia's use on NASA's website...

Dennis - N4NR

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> On Sun, 18 Apr 1999, Dennis Dease wrote:
> > Interesting... SWATCH now has a "Beatnik Tracking" section with a JAVA
> > tracking program on their site.
> > They are using the NASA insignia logo on their site.
> > I doubt that this is a NASA sponsored activity...
> That frame is actually a page located on the nasa.gov website and
> sponsored by NASA, but the disclaimer says that NASA isn't giving any sort
> of nod or endorsement to the products or services related to the Beatnik.
> It's funny how they picked the colors for the tracking page to identically
> match all the other pages on Swatch's web site, though.
> Rob
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