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New County Award Information

VHF'ers and OSCAR fans,

Here is the info on the new VHF/Satellite County Award.

Work as many USA counties on VHF and UHF after 1 Jan. 1983. All  contacts
must be 
made FROM one county or any county adjoining it.

The CQ USA-CA listing of counties is the official list and the USA-CA
Book available from CQ must be used for the initial application on all
below 900 MHz. The certification form within the book must be signed by 
two amateurs.  Application for 903 MHz and above may be submitted as a
For USA stations, all contacts must have been made from one county or any
county adjoining it. QSL cards must show county or other information
for positive determination of county.  Mobiles operating on a county line
may be
credited for up to two counties at one time. (No 3 or 4-way county
Endorsements for all CW, SSB, EME, OSCAR, etc. are available.  Repeaters
may NOT be used.  Fee is  $4 USD for SWOT members and overseas stations.
All others $5 USD for each certificate.

Apply to: 
L. G. Parsons, W5AL
11361 Tascosa Road  FM-1061
Amarillo, TX 79124

Confirmed QSO's needed for each band award:

Band	Initial Award	Endorsement
                (# Counties)	      each

6M	100		50
2M 	100		50
222 Mhz	 50		10
70CM	 50		10
903	 25		5
1296	 25		5
2.4 & up	  5		5

This is from Page 86/87 CQ Magazine April, 1999

[One thing that is not clear is the number of confirmed QSO's for OSCAR,
would presume it is 100.  Has anyone asked W5AL about this yet ?  If so
share it with the rest of us. ]

Good luck folks!  Here's something to keep you from getting bored.  There
3075 counties in the USA.  

John, K6YK

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