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Re: Sputnik-99 launch cancelled by Swatch! (fwd)


Keywords from your post:  Screwed, Cheated, legal case (law suit),owe us,&
These words could be used by any of the parties involved. Swatch, Russia or
Everyone has their own point of view on the situation and I think rather
than all of us 
getting quickly hot about it, we should look to see what can be salvaged for
all parties involved. 

The present description of all three parties is ME/ME.
What would it take to move this to a Win/Win situation for all involved?

Swatch has enough vision to see what space satellites can mean in targeting
their demographic market.Admittedly their technique can use a lot of help,
and that is something we can do. They are obviously interested in an
advertising association with the excitement of signals from space.
Gee.. we're excited by signals from space too. It is the method of
advertisement that is the problem. This was not an intricately planned
global corporate plot to steal amateur frequencies, but more likely a career
ending faux pas by some marketing exec whose left brain creative enthusiasm
exceeded the right sides ability to keep up.

There are quite a few of us in Amsat that are involved in bringing satellite
ham radio into the schools and teaching the kids to make space contacts on
their own. We need all the analog birds we can get. SSTV & Voice is the best
for this purpose. A lot of amateurs were very happy to have
even a 30 day sputnik to go to the schools with and weave the history of
sputnik into the planning and execution of an actual hands on space
experience for the kids. These little throw aways are one of the best sats
to use because of their history.  

And it is here that all involved can benefit. A credentialed organization
(not letter writing freelancers) should establish contact at the highest
echelon possible at Swatch Corporate and present a dialog leading to Swatch
underwriting a School Space Program. Yes they can advertise,
all over the printed teaching materials, all over the surface of the sputnik
all over any thing but the airwaves. They have the financial ability to
sponsor educational satellites, we have the volunteer global technical
resources to go to the teachers with. The goodwill potential for them to be
associated with a highly visible global community education project is
attractive. A Winning situation.

Russia wins too. I think we should remember what they have done for amateur
radio in space for
many, many years. They have been very generous with sharing their space
resources and capabilities with the world ham community and we should never
forget that. 

And we can win also. Although I fear we have lost a good chance to align
with a large multinational corporation to share achieving mutual goals, I
hope perhaps some attempt can be made to see if some joint educational
project can be realized. 

I hope also, that in the future, those who narrowly see threat from
'outsiders' stop for a moment before emploring that we light the village
email torches, and let our organized radio associations present measured
reason and constructive dialog to those strangers looking to become involved
in our community.

Allen Emer N2YAC
Amsat 30942

At 03:35 PM 99/04/16 -0500, you wrote:
>And we amateurs are still screwed because what would have been RS-19 is
>still aboard Mir, batteryless.  If new batteries are ever flow up to
>Mir, it's still useless for Amateur use because of the ten advertising
>messages stored in its ROMS.  We've been cheated out of one amateur
>I think Swatch owes us a launch to LEO.  Depending on the contracts that
>were signed, the French amateur club that built it might have a legal
>case.  Given the high cost of a launch, there might even be enough money
>involved to interest an attorney.
>I also wonder if anybody will ever trust an amateur satellite to the
>Russian space authorities again.


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