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Re: Sputnik-99 launch cancelled by Swatch! (fwd)

Leo Sapiets wrote:
> What a result!
> Judging from the number of messages in the newsgroup, you were
> definitely a minority group.
> So what exactly did you accomplish?
> RS-19 coming overhead for 10 minutes, sending signals in the
> amateur band. So the signal was an advert - who cares?
> Who would have heard it? Just us amateurs.
> Maybe the money would have been used to benefit the Mir mission?
> Would have been fun to listen.

I have a great idea, why not ask yaecom radio manufacturer to give us
transceivers for free provided that the same transceiver says every 14
seconds that 7 seconds long message on the air : 

"This is a yaecom radio, do not try to BEAT me, I am the best, a yeacom
beat is better than a kensu beat, it lasts longer"

It would benefit amateur radio since we could have transceivers for
nothing and use our bands.
We could also have repeaters of the same brand, and so on...
There are already free computers and telephones, why not amateur radio ?

Very great idea. I like, sincerely.

Ghislain RUY 
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