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Sputnik-99 launch cancelled by Swatch! (fwd)

Sputnik-99 launch cancelled by Swatch!

By deceiving AMSAT organizations in Russia and France, the Russian SCSC
(Space Flight Control Centre) in cooperation with the Swatch company had
arranged to use the two meter Amateur band for direct advertising via the
"Beatnik" satellite (a mini-Sputnik-99 project formerly to be known as
RS-19) across the entire world.

Thanks to the protests of my fellow radio amateurs worldwide, Swatch has
cancelled the mission to use the frequency of 145.815 to advertise their
trademarks from space!  Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word and
let Swatch and other companies know that intrusions on the amateur bands
will not be tolerated.  Although the call-off message on their web site is
something of a cop out, the result of our efforts is plainly evident.
We've proven again that the fight to preserve and enjoy our amateur radio
spectrum is a good one.

You can see the Swatch site at http://www.swatch.com/beatnik/index.php3
for the real deal, and the wind down of the protest operation on my site
at http://rob.carlson.org/swatch-protest.  I couldn't have done this
without all of you, and I'm so greatful to have had the opportunity to
represent the interests of Amateur Radio.

73 and good luck in the future,
Rob Carlson, KC2AEI <rcarls2@umbc.edu>

Rob Carlson, KC2AEI | rcarls2@umbc.edu | http://rob.carlson.org

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