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RE: Re: UoSAT-12 launch. T-7 days....

The satellite is an amateur satellite built by the university of surrey
UoSAT unit.  As is usual for most launches I don't want to publish the
frequencies of the uplinks at the moment to avoid people transmitting on
them during the commissioning and checkout period.  This is standard - look
at the TMSAT/TechSat/SunSat launches and you'll see that this was also the
case with these satellites.

The satellite is a research satellite along the lines of others built at the
university such as UO-9, UO-11, UO-14, UO-15, UO-22.

As soon as the satellite is operational, then all frequencies and
operational information will be made available.

Cheers G7UPN

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I'm confused ?  Is this an amateur satellite ?  If so will the full
specifications be available to everyone one right now?  Are there any
commercial implications ?  And, out of interest, who would fund such a
satellite ?

Curiously Dave  G4IUG
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