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Re: [WSVHF] V/UHF Operation and Contests (And awards)

Do you know that there is now a County award for VHF and Satellite?
If this info has not gotten around yet,  it's on page 86, April 1999 CQ
If anyone is interested, I can put the info on the reflectors to get the
ball rolling!
This, along with VUCC should keep us all busy for a few years of chasing!

John, K6YK
Sat VUCC #10

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999 06:37:58 -0700 (PDT) Paul Kiesel <k7cw@yahoo.com>
>Just after the VUCC awards were announced by the ARRL,
>several of us in eastern Oklahoma decided to have a 
>race to see who could get 2m VUCC first.  We had a lot
>of fun doing it, using every trick and propagation
>we could. KB5MR (EM26) got No. 14; K5SW (EM25), No.
>15; K5WE (EM26), No. 16 and I (K7CW/5, EM26)got No.
>I was trying for a number below 25, so I was overjoyed
>to get 19.  That was one of the best contests I've
>taken part in.
>73 Paul K7CW  CN87

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