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10 GHz. Equipment For Sale

Hi All:

First of all, please accept my apologizes if you receive multiple copies of this

I have several Hughes AML SSTX-145 Solid State transmitters for sale.  These
units were used for Cable TV head-end transmission to remote sites.  These units
take a cable TV channel input from 47 to 550 MHz. and up-convert it to 12.7 to
13.2 GHz.

I had been told by one of the CATV head-end technicians that these units were
installed only 3 years ago.  However, the manual was published in 1989.  I have
not found any date codes on the units, so I am not sure how true the "3 years
old" info is.  The units are in extremely good condition, a 9 to 10 on a scale
of 10.  Many of the units have un-broken warranty seals. They have been replaced
by a Fiber distribution system.

The units are 7" H x 20" D x 19" W and weigh 45 lbs.  The units are rated at 1 W
output, but the manual states that they are capable of 5 W saturated output.
The heatsink looks more like a continuous duty 20 W heatsink.  The PA's operate
at 12 VDC.

All waveguide is WR-75.  The only non-waveguide RF connections are the PA RF
input (SMA female), and the Mixer's IF input ("F" female).

The transmitter contains the following items.

1 - Solid State PA  GaAs FET with 37 dB gain & 5 W saturated output @ 12 VDC  @
5.5 A.  ( I have retuned one so far with 2.5 W output with 3 mw input @ 10,368
MHz. by soldering small pieces of copper foil to the tuned lines.  I believe
more output is possible by changing the coupling caps, but have not had time to
try this yet.)

2 - LNA's, 1 is used as a driver and the 2nd one is used with a "Distortion
Generator" in a "pre-distortion circuit to improve the linearity of the PA
output.  They are a 2-stage GaAs FET amp with 14 dB gain and a noise figure of <
4 dB.

1 - Distortion Generator.  Looks like the LNA's and is actually labeled as an
LNA, but the P/N is different.  (Maybe useful as a low level class C amp??)

2 - Magic Tee's.  These are 4-port waveguide sections with 1 port terminated
with a WR-75 50 Ohm load.  Isolation is 25 dB between side arms and E & H ports.
One is used as a 2-way, 3 dB power divider, and the other is used as a power
combiner in the pre-distortion circuit.  I am going to use a pair to combine the
outputs of 2 of the PA's

3 - 3-port circulators.  All are used as isolators with 1 port terminated with a
WR-75 50 Ohm load.

1 - Frequency West Phase Locked Source Oscillator, M/N MS 800XEL-04.
These units do not have an internal reference oscillator, the transmitters all
operated from a common 74 MHz. master source oscillator.

1 - Lambda switching supply, 12 VDC @ 8.5 A @ 50 degrees C - Output is
adjustable to over 15 Volts.

1 - Switching supply - 20 VDC @ .7 A @ 50 degrees C

1 - Variable 0 - 180 Phase Shifter

1 - 0 - 25 dB variable attenuator

1 - Crystal detector - SMA in/out

1 - 40 dB WR-75 probe (adjustable, non-directional RF sampler)

1 - 25 dB WR-75 probe (adjustable, non-directional RF sampler)

1 - 7" Flex WR-75

1 - 16" RG-141 with SMA males on each end

2 - WR-75, 90 degree H-plane elbows

1 - 20 uA panel meter.  3 1/8" x 3 5/8", scale reads 0 - 50 VDC

2 - 3 cavity band pass filters.  TE 011 mode, 3 dB BW = 28 MHz.

1 - 4 cavity band pass filter.  TE 011 mode, 3 dB BW = 10 MHz.

Note:  The filters will not tune to 10 GHz with out modification.  The filters
are made from Invar.  The manual says that this material  provides minimal
passband shift with temperature variations.  It feels like heavy, silver plated
brass and is easily disassembled.  The top and bottom plates are held in place
with several screws and nuts.  I am going to have one of the cavity blocks
"sliced" and stack it on top of the other unit to increase the depth of the

I have the original installation and maintenance manual.  The complete manual is
54 pages, but only 25 pages contain useful information if you are not going to
use the transmitter in a CATV head-end.

If you would like a copy, please send an SASE large enough for 25, 8 1/2" x 11"
pages.  I estimate that $1.50 in postage should cover it.

Woody Winstead
717 Sawmill Rd.
Raleigh, NC  27615

I have 4 .jpg photos that I can e-mail if you are interested.  These total
approx. 550 K.  Please note, if you have an AOL or Juno account, your ISP will
not accept attachments of this size.

Price:  $500 each, CONUS shipping included or $450 if picked up locally.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I also have several Hughes AML STX-141 Transmitters, similar to above, except
Klystron PA.  The Klystron power supplies are included.  The LO Source
Oscillators look just like the Freq. West units, but are made by MicroMega.
These units do not have the LNA driver amps.  These do have 2 of the same type
of 4-cavity filters as the solid state unit. The 2nd. filter can be cut down to
stack on top of the other filter to lower it's freq.  These units also have a
WR-75 20 dB directional coupler.
Price, with power supply:  $200, + shipping.
Power Supply: $50 + shipping.

I also have several pieces of WR-75 waveguide, all copper with brass flanges.
several circulators, and 50 Ohm loads.  Prices do not include shipping.

WR-75 Magic Tee's, silver:  Without load:  $40
                                              With load:       $50

WR-75 silver plated circulators:       $30

WR-75  50 Ohm Loads                     $15

WR-75 -  5 1/2 ", flanges both ends:   $8

WR-75 - 8 1/2 ", flanges both ends:   $10

WR-75 - 17", flanges both ends:   $15

WR-75 - 30", flanges both ends:   $20

WR-75 - 20 1/2", E plane 90 on both ends, with 2 1/2" long 90:  $20

WR-75 - 24", straight flange on 1 end, E plane 90 on other end;   $20

WR-75 - 34", straight flange on 1 end, H plane 90 on other end;   $25



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