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UoSAT-12 launch. T-7 days....

UoSAT-12 - the latest satellite from the University of Surrey is due for
launch next week on a converted SS-18 ICBM from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.
UoSAT-12 carries a number of imaging payloads (up to 10 meter resolution)
along with store and forward communications in VHF / UHF and an LS band
transponder / high speed digital downlink.
The satellite is considerably larger than UO-22 or TO-31 and carries a
propulsion system for orbital housekeeping experiments.  The imaging system
comprises a panchromatic imager with 10m resolution and multispectral imager
with 40m resolution along with a colour wide angle camera.  The S band
downlink can run at speeds up to 1Mb/s for downloading imaging data, and can
also be used as an LS band analogue transponder.

UoSAT-12 will be placed into a 640km by 66 degree inclination orbit.  The
downlink frequency is 437.400MHz and during the initial orbits it will be
transmitting the VLSI telemetry format at 9600bd FSK.

I'll try and provide regular postings as things progress, although there's
still a lot of work to do and not much time to get it all done.

Chris G7UPN / ZL2TPO

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