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Re: AW: International Radio Show

From:           	sandra.obergsell@swatchgroup.com
To:             	kk5do@amsat.org
Subject:        	AW: International Radio Show
Date sent:      	Mon, 12 Apr 1999 13:35:11 +0200

> Dear Sir
> Thank you for your mail of April 9, 1999. I am forwarding your message to
> Swatch, a company of the Swatch Group. Please also refer to Mr. David
> Sumner, Executive Vice President of the American Radio Relay League, Inc.
> in Newington, Connecticut, USA, at hq@arrl.org . He is discussing this
> subject with Mr. Nicolas G. Hayek, President of the Swatch Group Best
> regards,
> Sandra Obergsell
> Public Relations

As we go to air later today, we still have received no word from Swatch for a 
live or taped interview. It appears that they have ignored our request and have 
passed it from one person to another. We would truly like to discuss their 
position and thoughts about the Amateur Radio community, international law 
and their relationship with the manufacturer of the satellite.

Producer, Houston AMSAT Net

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