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RE: FW: Boycott Swatch


I was fed some bad information about the SWATCH situation.  Please ignore my
comment....boy do I feel stupid.  (should I admit this??)  I was told that
the company was going to put up a satellite (so far ok) that was going to
transmit on 2-meters (so far so good) time information (nope!) to set the
watch periodically during the day.  Sounded good, I have a clock that does
this and Ziet has a watch that does this.  Being outrageously over-priced I
assumed that SWATCH was going to do something like that.

Kevin, WB5RUE

There are three kinds of people in the world, those who can count and those
who can't.

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> > It would seem to me that the FCC could be a BIG help in
> this matter.
> > Since the watch has a radio receiver built into it wouldn't
> this make it a
> > "Part 15 device?" The FCC could refuse to certify it and
> thus make it
> > illegal to sell in the United States.  Is this
> pie-in-the-sky or is it
> > possible?
> what watch are  you talking about???
> 73...bruce
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