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RE: Pulse Transmitting Technology

At K7RR's suggestion, I'll post a copy of my comments, in case anyone else
is interested.

Jack, W7PW

At 10:15 AM 4/11/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Jack....a copy of your comments should be placed on the AMSAT-BB@amsat.org
>as well.  Statements well made!  Cliff K7RR
>On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, Jack Parker wrote:
>> At 09:39 PM 4/9/99 -0400, you wrote:
>> >That's exactly what I thought about the pulse transmission when I first
>> >about it.  It seems like all the so called advances in communication
>> >are being made at the expense of us who want to enjoy reception with a
>> >low noise floor.  The modern trend seems to be that it is more
important to
>> >be able to accomodate all the potential users, than it is to allow weak
>> >signal communications.  If that trend continues then we who have been
>> >weak signal terrestrial work, eme, etc., may be the last amateurs to be
>> >to enjoy those modes.  A dying breed as they say.
>> >
>> >Makes me feel pretty sad.
>> >
>> >73, Russ K2TXB
>> >
>> It's not unlike the developer that wants to place 6100 new homes at the
>> foot of Mt. Hopkins, 30 miles south of Tucson and a major astronomical
>> observatory site. According to "Sky & Telescope" magazine, the Pima County
>> Commissioners did vote the proposal down, but not before an attorney for
>> the developer threatened the astronomers with a $900-million lawsuit to
>> compensate for the value of the project!
>> Our culture is driven by greed, arrogance and an utter lack of foresight.
>> That's why I'm convinced that one of Robert Heinlein's science-fiction
>> novels is accurate when he protrays an attempt to place a huge advertising
>> logo, fully visible with the naked eye from earth, on the moon! Swatch is
>> just the beginning!
>> 73,
>> Jack, W7PW
>> DM09


Jack, W7PW

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