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Re: is it true?

>Yes it is true!  Now all Swatch needs to do is produce an
>Amateur Radio License, and be sure that there is a third
>party agreement between every country the messages can be 
>heard in and the country the message is from.

Sure, I'll bet that they are getting those third party agreements
this very moment.....

Almost everyone else in the world takes advantage of 
haphazard law enforcement for personal gain. Why should
corporations be held to a higher standard?????

I guess I'm not surprised at this attempt to circumvent international
law...  All the e-mail in the world won't do much  good. Get an attorney,
find out what laws were violated in which jurisdiction. Then convince
the appropriate law enforcement agency to prosecute. 

I suspect that if the amateur satellite community had enough money to
fund such an effort, P3D would be launched by now.

I'm saddened, disheartened to read about all of this. If there is an 
organized effort to try to stop this launch, I would certainly support it.

Vince Risalvato

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