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Re: satellite's

> Hey Group
>  I am wondering if there is any amateur satellites flying at this time that 
> can detect
> radiation. And if there is any way to capture and decode that data.

Yes.  It's called UoSAT-OSCAR-11.  It transmits ASCII and binary telemetry
in real-time and "whole orbit data" (WOD) format on 145.826 MHz FM using
AFSK at 1200 baud.  The satellite also carries a space dust counter that's
interesting to watch around the time of solar flares and meteor showers.

I wrote telemetry capture and decoding software many years ago for this
satellite on the C-64.  I ported my telemetry decoding software to Linux
and use it along with a "dumb terminal program" (minicom) to capture the
telemetry frames sent by the satellite.  Add a 2-meter FM receiver and
antenna along with a simple AFSK decoder (such as the type than be easily
constructed using a XR2211 AFSK decoding chip), and you're all set.

73, de John, KD2BD

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