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IC202's and other IF rigs....

Greetings all

The epic search for 202's comes up again...
As far as IC202's go, the last time I saw one at a hamfest was maybe 10
years ago.
It was in pieces.  I did find an IC202 thru an estate sale.  Now, for
the good news...
There are a few options for a good IF rig.  I did see recently that MFJ
is coming
out with a barebones 2m ssb/cw rig in the same tradition as the 202.  I
think with
these rigs, you will be limited to around the calling frequency whereas
the 202
gave you a couple of selectable spans.  Unlike the recent batch of high
everything plus the kitchen sink all mode rigs, I would have no problem
the lid off and splitting the tx/rx lines, removing the pa stage, etc.

Another choice is the KK7B rigs (R1, et. al.) offered by Kanga US.

Also, some good rigs to look for are the FT290 MK 1 and MK 2 rigs.  It
looks like Yaesu is slowly phasing these rigs out with the 290 still
for around $550 US or so..   Now, I do see these rigs at ham fests - as
a matter of fact, I saw quite a few MK1 rigs at a rally at Woburn.  I
up a EU version of the 290MK2 which is 144-146mhz but it covers the
weak signal and satellite bands which is all I really need.

Finally, one can always go the route of using a transverter and a 28mhz
IF rig
such as the ones offered by DownEast.  Another interesting option is to
build a 144mhz to 50mhz transverter if you can find an IC502 (I have
these rigs at fests).  The 502 will give you a 1Mhz tuning span.

As far as microwave groups go, you can post on their mailers - look for
SBMS or WA1MBA web pages.  For the UK, try the EMN (European Microwave
News) page as well as the RSGB pages.

Good luck with your search for an IF rig.  Maybe someday the 'Big Three'
will come
to their senses and re-introduce simple, basic, 2m and 432 IF rigs.

73 de AA9IL
Mike Kana

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