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Re: BOYCOTT SWATCH mir beacon???

On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, jeffrey davis wrote:

> This thing has you folks burning up. Turn off your Ham rigs and log off
> the Internet and go outside and enjoy a nice walk. There are a few
> million things you can do that require neither radio nor computer. Get
> in touch with them.

I have to agree.  Yes, I'm disappointed that Swatch is using the latest
mini-sputnik as an advertising campaign, but it's not just Swatch's fault.
Remember, someone in the Russian Space Agency had to solicit Swatch in order
to get their money.

I visited the Swatch web site and was embarassed by the content of the posts
that Hams have entered there.  Foul language, threats, and childish stunts are
not going to convince Swatch to scrub the project that they signed up for.

I seem to remember something about the Amateur's Code when I tested for my
license.  Maybe I had a different test than everyone else.  Something about
the Radio Amateur being Considerate, Loyal, Progressive, Friendly, Balanced,
and Patriotic.  The posts to the Swatch web site deviated a great deal from
some of these qualities.

It's time for some tact.  If you can't use some form of diplomacy when
expressing your opinion to Swatch, then perhaps it's time you step back from
your desk and do something else for a little bit to clear your mind.  And this
nonsense about jamming the frequency when the bird is overhead will put you in
the same category as the jammers on 75m, 40m, and even 11m.  It's time to grow

I was under the impression that Ham Radio was a gentleman's hobby.  Was I

Note:  My apologies to the YL's for the gender specific comment.

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