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Re: (Fwd) Well, Maybe One More!

Bernard Pidoux F6BVP wrote:

> > De : Tim <ka8ddz@eaglequest.com>
> > Cc : amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
> > Date : mardi 6 avril 1999 00:05
> > Objet : <Autofrwd>Re: [amsat-bb] (Fwd) Well, Maybe One More!
> >
> > Tim wrote:
> ..............
> >publish keps, blah blah blah. I'd have a different attitude if they
> >published a letter written to Swatch explaining thier position, the sensitive

> nature of  the transmissions with the amateur community and a possible
solution to make
> everyone happy.
> >
> >Tim ka8ddz
> >
> You seem to be rather suspicious about the AMSAT-France attitude with
> Swatch company.

Well, yes I was since no one wanted to share the details of what the messages
were, but after reading your reply I understand.

> I confirm however that, as soon as we knew that Swatch intended not to
> sponsor the RS-19 satellite project, but wanted to use it for
> advertising, we sent them the ITU regulations in english and french by
> fax (I can send you a copy of the receipe if you don't believe me).
> Moreover, one of us spent a full week-end trying to convince Swatch that
> russian SCSC did not tell them the full story (i.e. the amateur bands
> are not open for commercial). Again, if you would like to pay his
> international phone call bill, it is sure ok for our friend.

I have no reason to doubt your words, although it might be interesting to talk
to your friend : )

> Our efforts, as you know, were useless. We cannot understand why Swatch
> keeps on with the illegal use of radioamateur frequencies. If SCSC in
> russia accepts to be out of international laws for its own reasons, we
> can hardly accept that a well known swiss company does the same. We hope
> that IARU will not let this happen without a strong reaction.
> 73's de Bernard, f6bvp

I salute your efforts with respect to trying to negotiate with Swatch, I was
hoping that they would have had some interest in working with the amateur
community, but apparently not. I'm still not completly convinced that messages
containing the word beat are in violation but that's another matter. Do you know

if they intend to identify with an amateur callsign whether Swiss or Russian?
I'd love to read the details of what was said, if they are available anywhere on

the web let me know, if not email me your friends phone number I'll ring him up
(since you said it's o.k) and get the details from the source, assuming he
speaks english, I don't speak French. My concerns were that we amateurs were
sending emails
to Swatch before AMSAT had a chance to approach them, and clearly you did that.
I wish you all the best.

73 Bernard, de Tim ka8ddz

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