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RE: BOYCOTT SWATCH mir beacon???

Nobodys blood is boiling, but must be experiencing
sunstroke.  Give your radio away and let the comercial
users have all the ham frequencies.  That is what you
are advocating.  You must not care much for your license,
guess you didn't work hard enough for it... or are you
one of those folks who got the license in some questionable
mannor???  Hmmm....  Wear a hat next time you go out to
play, and don't forget to wipe your nose.  The AVG
suffix of your call is wrong, I believe you are below
avg on this one.  If you do not want to play, thats
fine.  Go for your walk and get in touch with your
million other things.  Do not worry, others will protect
your right to the 2m band for you.


Don't bother to reply.  <GRIN>

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> Oh yeah, jamming the Swatch satellite is recomended.....
> This thing has you folks burning up. Turn off your Ham rigs 
> and log off
> the Internet and go outside and enjoy a nice walk. There are a few
> million things you can do that require neither radio nor computer. Get
> in touch with them.
> Your blood pressure is boiling and some of you are sounding downright
> delirious...

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