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RE: is it true?

Yes it is true!  Now all Swatch needs to do is produce an
Amateur Radio License, and be sure that there is a third
party agreement between every country the messages can be 
heard in and the country the message is from.

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> I read this on the swatch page.
> The messages that the .beatnik satellite will send are not 
> advertising and do not contain the brand name Swatch. They are 
> messages that people, just like you, have left on the website in the 
> hope that they could be sent into space. We see this as totally in 
> tune with the spirit of freedom of communication and a democratic way 
> of using radio as a means of communication. 
> It is a great opportunity for Amateur Radio to gain an even wider 
> audience. 

Is it really?  Or just advertising hype???

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