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Boycott Swatch

Good day gentlemen,

	Your attempted use of an internationally allocated
amateur radio frequency for commercial advertising is not
legal.  The only thing accomplished so far is to incur
the wrath of nearly every amateur radio operator worldwide.
Go to  http://www.swatch.com  and see the overwhelming
opposition to this event.

	The comments run from individual amateurs politely
asking you to forget this, through stronger protests, and
so far end with a union member asking for all unions and
union members worldwide to boycott Swatch, Swatch products,
and all Swatch dealers worldwide.  Others have said they
will actively picket Swatch stores in the malls - especially
during the Christmas season.

	I am sure your original intent was honorable, but
by now you should realize that what is about to happen is
a great error.  Please consider stopping this before more
damage is done.

	My final comment:  As an amateur radio operator, a
prominent and outspoken citizen in my city, and a fellow
union member, I too will boycott this in every way
possible.  If you do not believe that such action can be
effective, check with Yokohama Tires and United Parcel
Service, just to name two.  I welcome your reply.

	Please gentlemen, put a stop to this illegal use of
an internationally allocated radio frequency now.

Thank you.


Vy73,  Mike.   KD9KC    MARS: AAV6EV
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