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Re: UO-11 S-band reception

Sorry for the bandwith, my direct answer to on1dll@amsat.org failed:
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550 reyners@village.uunet.be... User unknown

      Re: [amsat-bb] UO-11 S-band reception
      Date: Fri, 09 Apr 1999 07:23:27 +0000
      From: Viktor Kudielka <oe1vkw@oe1kib.ampr.org>
      To: on1dll@amsat.org

Reyners wrote:
> I'm planning to test our 13cm equipment on the UO-11 beacon, to be ready
> for the P3D.
> Can someone give me the right frequency?

2401.5 MHz
Be shure that your converter deviates not too much from the promised
conversion frequency. A calibrated beacon is quite useful. 

> How big is the dopplershift at nominal passes from AOS to LOS?

A bit more than +/- 50 kHz. Automatic tuning is quite helpful.

> How accurate should the dish be pointed to the satellite, because my
> tracking system is not looking at a
> few degrees.... Will I receive a good signal from UO-11?

Well, have you ever adjusted a TV dish ? Five degrees off might be 
enough to miss the signal.
With a 40 element Yagi I get a maximum of S2/3 (10 to 15 dB above noise)
Start with passes above 30 degrees elevation.

> Is AO-16 (will DO-17) still transmitting in the S-band.. if so, what's the
> frequency?

Currently UO-11 is the only one. DO-17 has had a stronger signal, but
be commanded any longer.

Good luck and vy 73,  Viktor OE1VKW

P.S. You should report your experiences to Clive, g3cwv@amsat.org
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