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Re: Swatch beginning to buckle from pressure?

>>Michael McCarty wrote:
>>> Swatch quickly put a stop to all the spam.  It was deleted in short order and
>>> messages are now limited to 1000 characters.  Somebody at Swatch is definitely
>>> paying attention to what is being posted and feels the opinions presented are
>>> important enough to warrant a quick fix (within the hour) to stop the nonsense.
>>Is it possible to fix things at this late date?  I thought the messages
>>were pre-loaded into the satellite before launch.  Are they going to
>>scrub the launch out the airlock door?

Possibly so, but scrubbing the launch doesn't have to be the only goal.
How about an apology from Swatch, or an admittance to their error?
If Swatch says they were wrong, it could keep this from happening again.
If they ignore everybody and want to pretend they are legal, what happens
in the future?

Mike, KB8YHV

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