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thoughts on messages to Swatch

Many of you have been posting comments regarding Beatnick and the unfortunate 
Swatch marketing campaign to the www.swatch.com site.  The Swatch name 
represents only a small portion of the very large company known as the Swatch 
Group.  Swatch Group employs over 18,000 people worldwide.  They sell their 
products under a long list of brands, including such names as Swatch, Omega, 
Blankpain, Calvin Klein, Hamilton,Rado, and many more.  They also have 
divisions involved in electronic components, real estate, etc.  The company's 
main web site is www.swatchgroup.com  .  (This is very slow to access from 
the US.  It is also graphics and java intensive, which may make it slow when 
viewed from anywhere.)  

While there may be some value in posting messages to the bulletin board that 
the marketing people have created on www.swatch.com, I believe there could be 
more value in communicating directly with employees of swatch group.  The 
swatchgroup site invites comments to the following addresses:


In addition, the following addresses were found on InterNIC:

james.aschberger@swatchgroup.com   -- in charge of swatch-beatnick.com domain

fs@mail.cogito.de   -- in charge of the swatch.com domain

daniel.toggweiler@smh.ch  -- in charge of swatchgroup.com domain

Rather than, or perhaps in addition to posting your thoughtful comments to 
the www.swatch.com bulletin board, you may wish to send an email message to 
all of these people.  They will surely forward such messages to the 
appropriate corporate person.  You may wish to send the messages to these 
individuals one at a time, for maximum impact, or you may wish to send to 
them all at once.  I do not suggest that you do anything rude.  It is 
probably best to send your message only once, or perhaps once every few days. 
 It would be an exceptionally bad idea to mail bomb them.  I am not 
suggesting that.  I am suggesting polite messges from a large number of 
amateur radio operators worldwide.  

If 1% of amateur radio operators worldwide sent email messages to swatch 
group corporate, that would be a tremendous number of messages, and would get 
their attention quite nicely.

I have formatted these addresses below in a way that may be easier for you to 
cut and paste into your email program:


Thank you.

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