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Re: AO-27 in School

On Thu, 8 Apr 1999 15:54:01 -0400, "Scott E. Olitsky" <solitsky@acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote:

> I agree 100%.  It was nice to hear and I would say it was more exciting than
> making a contact myself.  I am hoping to go to some of the classes at my
> daughters school and am already being asked about the satellite by the kids
> in her class.  This is a great way to introduce them to the hobby.  I showed
> a few of her friends MIR in the sky the other night and they are already
> tracking it on their own computers.

I have done the Mir thing in my son's second grade class and the kids
absolutely loved it! I hope to one day soon to save up enough pennies for an
Arrow antenna so I can put on a 'proper' demonstration of AO-27. The whip I
use works fine for me, but to show the kids I want it to sound a bit better.

73 Jeff W4JEF

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