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Re: SWATCH Outrage

Hi, Norbert!

You quoted SWATCH as saying, "As always there has never been a better cause
than the fight to gain any kind of freedom. "

What fight?  

Already, there are frequencies for transmissions intended for reception by
the general public.  These are in allocations to the broadcasting service
and the broadcasting-satellite service.

SWATCH, or any other enterprise with a similar motive, needs only to: (1)
go to their national administration's frequency management people; (2) work
out an appropriate frequency assignment; (3) put the authorized facility on
the air.

Since nearly the beginning of radio, those of us sharing the radio
frequency spectrum learned that we must practice "enlightened self
interest," that is, we must take account of each others' uses of radio.
Otherwise, interference will plague everyone and no system will be reliable.

Indeed, the International Telecommunication Convention starts out with a
declaration by all signatory countries acknowledging each others
sovereignty and, at the same time, agreeing that they must work together.

All would be users of radio really should try to LEARN the system and,
then, WORK within the system.  Everyone would be happier in the end.

Hope this helps.

73, art..... 

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